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Who is reponsible for having No National Terror Alerts activated, which lead to the Sept 11, 2001 Attacks ?
Remember, that all 19 of the Saudi, Syrian, Jordanian and Egyptian Terrorists, had completed Flight Training, No Landing Gear Required, Getting Drunk and Laid by Blonde Woman with Big Tittys in South Florida along with Illegally leaving their plane on the Taxi lane at the Airport, before the 2000 Election. Now this same President is mentoring our current President. So who is the responsible President for 9/11.
The Sudanese government offered bin Laden on a plate to President Clinton, and he turned them down. It's obvious who is responsible.
How to make my boobs bigger without plastic surgery?
i wanna make my boobs bigger but i cant afford surgery, is there any way to make it bigger? i heard you can drink soya milk and if you get fat you get big tittys naw what im saying so answer please baby i need this.
Theres not much to make them bigger.. They are mostly fat...and u can't be certain that when u eat fat it will go to ur boobs!
A cartoon about porn and its called ghost town something like that its about some guy with a blue mask walking?
around and supposely falling inlove with ssome women with big tittys and stuff... its very pornographic anyone knows the name and channel?
When I think of porn and blue mask I think of Rapeman.
What do guys like in a girl? Desprit help needed! ?
Ok heres the thing. I know eceryone says guys only want girl for one thing, but like besides that what do they like?!? I mean i know girls like holding hands and when u compement them all the time and stuff but i mean wat do guys like because big *** and tittys and stuff? Desprit need!
Spelling, for starters. Stay in school, guy. Focus more on your studies than on girls.

It's not some check list, but these things come to mind:

Able to hold her own
How much are breast implants in nova scotia, canada?
i want to get breast implants because i want big round tittys, how much?
hey make them bigger breast
Is it cool to ask for her number over myspace?
here is the summary

i added my beer pong partner from last night on myspace this morning. We had a lot of fun, mostly due to my awesome throws and her big *** tittys on defense. we exchanged messages, i asked her if there is anything going on tonight would she lmk. she said ya.

is it cool to ask for her number over myspace? Just so if there is something going on she can text me, cuz im not on myspace 24/7
I think she might think you're jumping or moving too fast (unless it's JUST a physical relationship)
Get her e-mail first, then exchange a few messages with her before you do that. If a guy did that to me, it would sound like he just wants to mess around right away and that he's not interested in getting to know me. But that's just me....
Can a cat get preg. if they have been fixed??
I have 2 cats they are around 1 year old. I had both of them fixed, but one of them is starting to get fat and has lot bigger tittys??? So i just wanted to know if its possible that she could have kittens after being fixed...??? And what the signs are of cats being pregers
it depends on how ur cat was spayed.....did she have her uterus completely removed or did they just fuse/tie her fallopian tubes shut?? b/c if its the latter...they can sumtimes come undone
What is the appeal with fake boobs?
I personally don't, they absolutely kill the attraction for me.

I didn't think it would bother me as much as it does but when you can see visible scars and in some positions a literal bag under the skin it's a total turn off, not to mention nipples on autopilot wtf is up with that?

I know some guys are into broads with fake tittys but other than saying "They're big" they don't seem to know why they like them either.

I rather feel real A's than fake doubleD's
So many guys have dumped me because of my small boobs...

They'd rather I had at least a D, or get fake ones. But I refuse to get fake boobs. Glad to hear there's actually a guy out there that doesn't mind smaller ones. :]

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