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Why do cute asian girls date nerdy white guys?
I don't know how many times ive seen real cute asian girls, with some lanky awkward dorky white guy
the same reason trolls ask these types of questions
Why do i find asian girls cute?
I feel like i have a fetish or something, like i just love asian girls and im not sure why, i think its because your tiny and cute
But. I dont know why i like them so much, i dont have many friends that are ones either its so weird. Why do people have certain fetishes like that? Sorry if this is a dumb question, im unsure of myself at times.
I have an asain guy fetish so I know how you feel. It feels like a fetish but I think it's just attraction. For you it's rare so you feel like it's exotic and you can't help but to like it. As for me there's asain guys all over my school so it only makes sense ot develop crushes on a few of them. Well good luck and I hope you find yourself an asain girlie.
Why do cute asian girls like nerdy white guys?
Like Ive seen super hot asian girls with super nerdy looking white dudes. And I don't see why they limmit there selves like that.
Asians have different tastes, they look beyond the obvious
they care about personality
I need to know where and how can I meet cute asian girls outside of the USA?
Just been curious about dating and being with someone outside of the USA, someone who is asian, just been really interested in looking through if there's an easy free way to do this please let me know.
Who else thinks asian girls are cute?
I really think asian girls are cute because they always have cute hair and cute eyes. Sometimes I like korean girls too, but yea I don't like white girls or any other type of girls except for asian girls. They are just to pretty to ignore.
no we're hot
Why does it exactly mean that white guys said asian girls r cute?
i have heard from white guys that asian girls r cute. we r short so we r cute? is this the reason? and i also heard from british guys that they dont like british girls. is it true? why is that?
i love asian chicks i suppose because asian girls r lil bit shorter that is cute ( my reason 4 liking asian girls is that asian girls always have a smile amazing lil voices and just the most amazing personality's and amazing eyes and just lovable
Cute Asian Girls Group name for Facebook?
I don't want anything corny.... I don't want to pick any names that sounds corny and stupid... I need a cute name for a bunch of hyper, innocent, wild and funny asian girls. We are class of 2012 too but some are Class of 2013 too
Where can i find shy, cute Asian girls?
I want a shy, cute asian girlfriend in the UK. Where are they? I am a kind and generous person. I am also Asian. I dont drink, i dont go clubbing. I dont have casual sex and i dont cheat.
Dont worry, you will find one soon. Find one in family parties.
How come people think Asian girls are only cute?
Even the ones that are pretty, there is only always pretty and cute. I've never heard one say an Asian girl is hot
Because most of them are short and have more girly features/girl body compared to their actual age which their supposed to be curvy, tall, and have a big set. Aren't the Kardashians asian? Look up Jasmine Villegas. She's asian. Only half. But yeah she's sooo insanely pretty!

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