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I want to breastfeed, but I have heard so many horror stories! Help?
I'm looking for a little reassurance. I'm 25 weeks pg w/ my first guy, a little boy. My husband and I are thrilled, and we've done scores of research regarding prenatal care, birthing methods, birthing locations, and feeding options.

I've decided to breastfeed (and once that is firmly established, I would like to occasionally pump so my husband can share in feedings). However - I've read so many horror stories (especially on Y!A) about women trying to discreetly feed their guyren in public, only to be harassed and confronted by rude, callous strangers. I've read questions and comments about people who think feeding in public is disgusting and that breastfeeding moms should just go hide. I don't plan on being an exhibitionist, but I truly want to discreetly breastfeed my baby in public w/o fear for my or my guy's safety.

Does anyone have a positive public feeding experience you could share so that I can have hope that not everyone is disgusted by something I (and others) consider natural and good? Thank you for your help.
I heard horror stories, too, but I was too determined to let it bother me. Most mom's are not well-informed about breastfeeding and afraid of public nursing...but you know what? That's your guy! Mommy's make milk for a reason. In fact, I love nursing in public and making it known I'm doing what's best for my baby. I brag about it. lolz!!

You could use a blanket..of course, I'm so use to it now, I just life my shirt...Breastfeeding is a gift and I am so glad you are considering it. Don't worry about the horror stories...more good will come out of this!!!
Women Only: Are you an exhibitionist? On purpose or by accident? Rate yourself and share a funny/sexy story?
This is an anonomous forum so speak freely and don't hold back! And remember this is all in fun. Life is too short so have fun with it. If you take offense to my question then don't respond! Here is why I ask?

Last summer at the beach this hot chick was sitting in the sand facing my way. She reached down as to adjust her bikini and pulled the bikini bottom over to one side, exposing herself to me. I was very surprised to say the least and when I looked up she was talking to her friend next to her and smiling. Was it an accident or was she an exhibitionist?

Have you ever let a guy/girl sneak a peek? Or did you let it all hang out in public you bad girl you??? On a scale of 1-5 how much of an exhibitionist are you?

1-turtlenecks and pants

2-a little leg showing

3. low cut top w/cleavage

4. let thong show above low cut jeans

5. short skirts and undie free!

Have fun with this!

Ready....get set....GO!!!
My experience is my best friend. She loves to do what she calls "public service". It ranges from her flashing other cars when we are on the highway to not wearing underwear with a miniskirt and giving peep shows. She also likes to get undressed in front of her window so her neighbor across street can watch. I have been with her many times and think the reactions are funny, and that she enjoys the "power" it gives her.
How do you best control a "hyperactive" 2/3 year-old who has surplus energy to "chase" - ?
- and shout/scream for all his waking hours. He is not naughty but very clever for his age. (and undoubtedly "crafty") He has an older brother who is an "angel" and a newborn baby brother of whom he may be a little jealous - but he was a loud exhibitionist before the birth. Theories and action plans welcomed - if sensible!
And any relevant/related stories also appreciated!
Sounds like he either just has a lot of energy, or is seeking attention... You could make sure you take him out for a walk every day to use up some of his energy, and at the same time he gets some special attention time with you... this might solve both problems if they are both factors here. Of course, just dont favour him over the others. Maybe a family walk, actually. If you already do that and he still has all this energy, maybe you should get him a tricycle or something, so he can exert his energy on that for a while? Just some ideas!
Are you a literary exhibitionist?
Do you like to put your personal, sometimes embarrassing, stories out there to gain an audience that sometimes hates you, sometimes not?
No, I'm a pretty reserved and private person, unless you're talking about Y!/A. I'm less reserved and more open on here than I am in my regular life. I would have to say that I am not a literary exhibitionist, but if you are a literary exhibitionist, then you are very good at it and I enjoy your exhibitionism. = P
Women: Are you an exhibitionist? Men: What do you think of women's avatars?
I've noticed a lot of avatars on here are very sexy. We are perfectly free to choose whatever degree of privacy or intimacy we want for our public images as shown on this site. Some people, especially women, choose to make their avatars extremely revealing.

Do you regard yourself or anyone else on here as an exhibitionist?

If so, if this harmful? innocent? provocative? a safe way to flirt anonymously?

I'm just curious, since I treasure my privacy and would not feel comfortable exposing myself physically on this site. (Verbally is another story!)

I hasten to add that I am NOT being judgemental or casting aspersions on anyone: I enjoy most of the images, like everyone else.
My avatar IS actually a photo of me. Some people might call me an exhibitionist. I don't know, and frankly, I don't care. I just like the pic.

Edit: Thank you, Zucchini.
Why do guys in their 40s become exhibitionist?
I had stories with guys who were in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. While guys in their 20s and 30s care about covering up and have a sense of modesty, guys in their 40s become quite nasty. They are the first getting naked on the beach, they walk around in the house naked, they walk all naked in locker rooms, and they are the first taking their shirt off in the gay bars. Besides, when you have a story with guys in their 40s, they proudly show themselves off all naked to you all the time... which to me it's really a turn off.

Don't you find it quite filthy? I think it would be ok if young guys would do that, but I think that at a certain age it's time to cover it up rather than showing off.
I think you got most of the answers you needed to hear.

You definitely come across as being ageist and very judgemental.

Most people who are exhibitionists do so where nudity is allowed or even encouraged, so unless you are going to these places on purpose, how does it even affect you?

If you don't like nudity, than don't go to nude beaches, or nudist resorts etc.

Unless by modesty, you mean that you are not comfortable with your body, so you make judgements against people who are?
Is my Female neighbor an exhibitionist? She leaves her blinds open when she gets dressed.?
Hi all,

I have this female neighbor, to make this long story short everytime she gets dressed to go to work she would leave her blinds not wide open, but just enough to take a peek of what she is doing. Like last night when she was about to get ready to go to work, she was completely nude. On certain days she is topless and sometimes she would walk around her house and her living room in just panties. Okay I know what you guys are thinking, she is probably seducing me...but quite the opposite, when I say hi or hello to her in the driveway she is very frigid and cold. Not very freindly at all, would just say hi and that's about it. I am confused with these signals. Because I know for a fact that when women get dressed they make sure all the windows and blinds are closed...what can you guys make of this? Just leave it alone? Tell her that I can see her? Then that would make me sound like a peeping tom. Thoughts anyone?
Your best bet would be to leave an anonymous note for her, suggesting that unless she is an exhibitionist, that she might wish to make sure her blinds are closed as she can be seen in various states of undress.

And you should stop looking into your neighbor's windows.

Should I tell my neighbor that his wife might be an exhibitionist?
Hi all, I am good friends with my Male neighbor. We would occasionaly have beers and barbecue on a Sunday afternoon either at my back yard or his. We would talk everything from Politics to soaring Gas prices. One day as I was on a step ladder cleaning the gutters of my house (as you can see I have a two story house, and so is my neighbor's house) I was in direct view of my neighbor's bedroom window. I was minding my own business till I caught in the corner of my eye his wife getting undressed in full view of me. She didn't bother to close the drapes and proceeded to undress. I know she saw me because she was facing the mirror on her dresser and our eyes met thru the reflection. She just cracked a smile and did her thing. I thought she was going to stop knowing I was there bu didn't. I just did what every Gentleman would do, I got down for 15 minutes took a break hoping she would be gone by then. Thankfully she was. I am so tempted to tell my wife and him of the incident. Should I?
It Sounds like an accident and your making a big Deal out of Nothing.
She was doing her thing Before you got Up there So basicly It looks like you were the One Peeping on her.
Im waiting to see a Question that say I was Changing and my Neighbor Climbed a ladder and looked at me Changing.
Relax and Drop it.
Fantasy or trouble to worry about>?
Lately he has been getting on an erotic reading site and reading about mom/son dad/daughter mom/stepson...
He has a teen son and daughter. When he is reading do you think he puts himself in the story with his daughter or with his mom? All the stories are of consenting adults NOT dad with teen daughter - always 20 and older. Should i be concerned. What should i do - he will be so defensive if he finds out that i know about this... I feel really bad and hope this is just a crazy phase. However it worries me most about his daughter - she lives with us and is pretty and a little on the exhibitionist side. I don't want anything bad to happen. My husband is a great guy - terrific in all other aspects... By the way, he use to look at a lot of porn (teen mostly) - and I asked him to stop - that has been a year ago and he has stopped that - but the reading is kind of disturbing.
well its weird to me but I suggest you speak to your husband because your concerns (for his daughter) are serious and you should try to feel him out to see if it serious. after all it could just be some (im not gonna lie... very very weird) fantasy that arouses him for now until something else catches his interest.
What's the creepiest thing you've seen/done/experienced? CAN'T BE A GHOST STORY!?
Me: Well, right now, the neighbors keep walking outside in just flimsy little towels. Semi-exhibitionists, they are.
a body viewing. I didn't even know the guy! His wife kissed him on the mouth and I cringed! (it's sweet, but was verrrrry creepy!)

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