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In what site can I easily watch videos of College Boy Physicals (gay videos) for free? or
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Boy Friend Trouble: Gay related ?
To start off, both of us are furries, both of us are gay, and both of us live far apart, he lives in the UK and I live in the states. He's 19 and I'm 25.

We met two years ago, and have been happily dating for one year, both of us love each other very much, we talk everyday via msn and video calls. We were planning small visits to actually meet during his uni vacations to break, and spend actual time together, I mean sure, video calls, and msn are great, but real life cuddles and what not are much more fun.

The problem lies in, this New Years Eve, he and another friend will be partying together, and one of his friends will be having s*x together, he feels that sense he is a 19yr old virgin, and a relatively new gay, that he's missing out on stuff, and he feels not ready for a commitment, (his idea, I really don't like commitments, but I did it to make my love happy <3 )

Mostly, I think its my fault, sense I have been really busy at work, and with the airline flights to the UK problems, he didn't want to risk my safety, and I told him today, "baby, its fine go on ahead and do what you need to do." I know I should of never said it, cause it felt like my heart shattered into a million pieces, but I don't want to jump him, sense as silly as it sounds, he is the one I have ever truly loved. He is my everything.

I told him I worried that what if he falls for this mysterious guy, or something, and some of my other concerns, but he assured me everything will be fine, and that he really needs this, I mean I want to see him happy, and I still cannot help but stop crying. (I know I probably sound like some fudging drama queen, but...I'm not :( )

If anyone has any advise/encouragement/ect on how I should cope on this and/or what I should do, feel free to email me @ or leave them below in the comment section

Thank you <3
Honestly, show him this question, show him how much you care about him. (Although, that can backfire sense he isn't ready for commitment). If he isn't ready, it wasn't meant to be, if he is than he'll make the right decision, talk it out with him...
The reason I don't want to accept I am gay?
I think it is because most gay people are the exact opposite of me

most of them are friendly and social and like to go to the gym and to be around people.

I am a different story: extremely antisocial, never been to a gym in my life and I don't want to
(seriously what is so great about being in a room full of strangers and use some weird machines that were touched by the sweaty skin of someone else?)
I do not like to be around people, and not very friendly.

Maybe if I could find something that I can truly enjoy in this so called "gay community", then perhaps I could start to accept this and move on, but in my humble opinion the odds are against me.

the problem is that I would love to have a relationship with another boy but I don't think there is another gay guy who likes the sames things as I do.

I am kind of a video-game geek but I also like to read and discuss politics and psychology and when it comes to politics I become VERY conservative.

but I really don't think there are other gay people around my age (I am 17) who like those things.

feel free to answer whatever you like.
Not all gay guys are sociable and like to party and go to the gym. Alot are just like you but they obviously dont stand out as much as the typical gay sterotype because those people are very showy and attract alot of attention.

Dont worry. You will find someone soon. My uncle thought he was alone as you do until he found his match when he was about 45. He never came out untill then. I suggest you come out soon because you are alot more likely to find someone if you are open about your sexuality. I doubt you will have to wait as long as my uncle for love if you are open.

Good luck- xoxoxo
A serious relationship & gay sex at a young age...?
im 14 1/2 btw..
im gay, and im with my very first boyfriend of 4 months, he is as well gay but he's 13.. were both openly gay, and probably the only young openly gay couple at our jr high. he's in 7th grade, and im in 8th grade, he's suppose to 8th and im suppose to be in 9th. we've known each other for about 10 years already, since just about the age i was 4. we both went to the same elementary and he's just about my bestfriend. when i told him i was gay, and that i've been liking him for awhile now, he said the same and we started dating this year. our parents do not know about our relationship except my boyfriend's mom, she's really supportive and she really likes me, and so does my boyfriend's younger brother, he doesn't want to tell his dad because he thinks it would let his dad down, and disappoint him. my parents do not know because there both very homo-phobic, and do not think the homosexual way of life is right. therefor i have not told them, i've told some of my cousins, and my two sisters, that are very supportive. those are just some facts, but about our relationship.. me do the usual stuff like kiss, hold hands, makeout, hug, cuddle, fall asleep together. i can say i have fallen in love with this boy, and he's in love with me. our relationship got pretty serious during the month and half, when we started getting sexually active, i spent the night at this dads (parents are divorced & separated) and we just hung out like regular bestfriends, played video games, watch tv, hang out with some friends down the street at the park, went out to go eat with his parents, and then later into the night, we were laying down on his bed watching some random comedy movie we rented, and since i don't like movies i was just texting my friends and what not, and i was really bored so, i just got up on him and started kissing him, i can tell he wanted to since he didn't say anything and we were just making out for the longest we have ever madeout, we both started getting horny cause of all the rubbing and stuff (we were wearing boxers and a teeshirt) he started grabbing at my package, and a little after 20 minutes we gave eachother head, it was pretty intense and felt really good, we showered together, and then went to the bed. that was the first real serious night we've ever had with another person. after 3 weeks later, i spent the night at his moms house, we did just about the same thing we did every night, and then the sexual thing happened again, but this time we took all of our clothes off, i know for a fact that i am std free, and that he is as well (i went with him everywhere, doctor appointments, dentist, even the grocery store and getting hair cuts sometimes) and well we didn't plan on actually having sex, but we did that night... i wasn't the one getting penetrated but he was, and i didn't use a condom because again it happened then and there not planned or anything, i wasnt worried cause were both std free and never have messed around with another person, and we obviously coudlnt get pregnant. the next weekend, the same thing happened but at his dads but i was the one getting penetrated this time, no condom was used again unfortunately... but im fine and nothing seems to be wrong, we don't really plan on having any sexual intercourse, i just happens. wel the question is, are we taking this relationship a little to serious at this age? please dont be rude..
That sounds amazing =)

Hey dude, you don't need to worry about what anyone thinks, because all that matters is that you love each other, and he seems to make you very happy, so other people's opinions don't really matter. Don't let other people tell you what's right and wrong.

I think you have a really cute, awesome relationship. I'm even a little bit envious. I'm 16 and I've never had the opportunity to have a relationship like that. Count yourself lucky and enjoy it.

Are you worried about the sex? Don't be scared to do it, because as you said - it just came naturally. When it comes naturally like that - it's OK. I would recommend you use a condom anyway. =)
If a Girl band sings these lyrics Would you say gay?
I just got into this German band there all girls, I know I might have said this question few minutes before but I just translated there lyrics to there new song, I Mean they dress like boys, act like boys sometimes lol there hot and cute, And in some photo shoots they always end up in the boys bathroom acting like they gots something, like how they pull there pants down, and act just fooling around but it's cute, I mean I know they can not be straight.

Here is the music video.

Fräulein Wunder - Single "Wenn ich ein Junge wär"…

and there second music video.

Fräulein Wunder - Sternradio (Official Video)…

lol the links to the two photos that make me wonder ^_^……

And I translated the lyrics to the first song I like and this is what came up with I used yahoo babel fish
I have the hand in my trousers I purchase me Playboy, drink beer And if we make size comparison Haben' to laugh the other nothing, Because I have the largest one here! I würd' only D-max look And Cherry Cola swallow I würd' me kiss And only to the fun free-handle pissen Refrain: If I a boy wär () If I a boy wär If I a boy wär (beautiful boy, beautiful boy) if I a boy wär There hätt' I anything does not miss, Because it is much better Because ich' s many more geiler find that I am a girl I würd with my buddy raufen And with Swedish girls around the bet drink I würd mein' naked back shows And only dumb jokes tear And instead of work seeds donate I would make combat haven And Macho let it crash Me the understanding amputieren, tätowieren And three times daily onanieren Refrain I have enough I have enough from the man luck I want, want now, want my things back I mine not only my pinken shock gears Return the mad breasts immediately to me

The second music video lyrics.
The moon has something With us made That became me only after months clear Its light seized us And only kindles As the receipt was already much weaker Perhaps you hear star radio A transmitter searches It transmits somewhere As a miracle Soon sometime To you down Because somewhere You hear a song of me Perhaps then My dream leads to you It transmits somewhere In the panorama Determined anyway It touches your Karma Because sometime You hear a song of me Because then My dream is with you My dream is with you The moon has somehow With us easily Us secretly with his charm affects But its energy Us attracts Kein' way, which leads back there, builds for us Perhaps you hear star radio A transmitter searches It transmits somewhere As a miracle Soon sometime To you down Because somewhere You hear a song of me Perhaps then My dream leads to you It transmits somewhere In the panorama Determined anyway It touches your Karma Because sometime You hear a song of me Because then My dream is with you My dream leads to you Mondstaub lives, on radiowaves It hisses and trembles by the antennas Until you also float, you glittering lift back to me, back to me
I think the phrase "gay for pay" applies in this case. Odds are, the girls didn't write the songs themselves and are merely exploiting the record market that proved so lucrative for the gay-for-pay Russian duo Tatu. Basically, the girls are used as props and play the roles that were written for them in exchange for fame and fortune. Bisexuality and lesbianism are currently fashionable, so record producers are cashing in on the trend.
In regards to Tyler Clementi.....?
Now don't hate on me yet!! But am I the only one who thinks it's stupid that he killed himself over having a sex video made about him? Sure I get it, he was gay and was having a gay sexual encounter, no problems with that believe me. I am in full support of homosexuals being who they are and not being ashamed of themselves in anyway, as I tell everyone, be free be happy and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

But I don't know it just seems such a waste for an 18 year old boy to kill himself over a video of him having sex with another guy. Like alot people say if it was boy/girl, no problem, so why is there a problem when it's boy/boy??? Are we still living in dark ages where homosexuality has to be behind locked doors, and shaded windows? If love is freedom, and god knows we see more violence on TV than two people making love and being intimate, why is gay intimacy seen as bad?

So my question is, am I the only who thinks it's stupid for him to have killed himself over a video? I understand he was going to be a musician and sure this may hurt him, but come on, this is life, it doesn't go according to plan and to kill yourself just because of an internet video, to me is not only wasteful but just flat out dumb.

Any thoughts on this?
I do think it was an over-reaction, but people kill themselves over situations like this all the time. Some people can handle it, but that's life.
It is more honest to say Obama is neither Christian of G-d-fearing, isn't it?
As David Limbaugh writes recently:

Why would Obama, a self-professed Christian, choose Jennings, who admitted in his 2006 memoirs that he harbored a deep-seated hatred for God and religious believers at the time he embraced a homosexual lifestyle?

Jennings wrote: "Before, I was the one who was failing God; now I decided He was the one who had failed me. ... I decided I had done nothing wrong: He had, by promising to 'set you free' and never delivering on His promise. What had He done for me, other than make me feel shame and guilt? Squat. Screw you, buddy -- I don't need you around anymore, I decided."

Jennings may have since modified his beliefs, but it's still clear that he hates Christian conservatives. reports that he told fellow homosexual activists in 2000 that members of the "religious right" were "hard-core bigots" who should "drop dead." He said he really wanted to tell them, "F--- you!"

He was also on the advisory board for a 2001 PBS documentary "that slammed" the Boy Scouts of America for its policy of excluding homosexuals from membership. This video was then promoted at gay pride conventions to galvanize homosexuals against the Scouts.

If Obama were truly God-fearing, would he rub God's nose in this appointment?…
That would be much more honest!!
Merry Christmas and May God Bless you
okay, i have been thinking of a way to write down my thoughts so here it goes. whether you love, or hate the jonas brothers i ask that you PLEASE read this. but mostly the haters because i want to reach out to them and try to make them understand. if you have a couple minutes please read this and comment with your thought. thank you. p.s. it nay take a while to read, but i needed to get it all out! thank you.

I don’t see why people have to hate the Jonas brothers. They are the only band that people hate on. They actually do have good music, and before I liked them I confess that I had called them “gay”. But gay as in stupid not as in they like boys, but that was because I never gave them a chance. I had only heard parts of a couple of their songs, and I didn’t like them that much so I automatically put them in my “gay” category. I feel so horrible for doing that because now I am a huge fan. I’ll tell you my story on how I started liking them. Okay so, I didn’t really like them hat much, but then my friend had an extra ticket to their concert and she said she would pay for it so I said okay, why not. Free concert, she has no one else to go with, sure. So I went and I didn’t know any of the lyrics except for like three songs and I was like wow, they actually aren’t so bad. And after the concert, I just started liking them more and more. And now I am in love with them. I mean, they are such cool people. They are nice, and they have real values. And they are so funny. And I am not one of those people that like music like pop and Disney channel crap, but they are nothing like that. They have good lyrics, and they know how to respect girls. And they are the only people on Disney channel that I actually like, I think that everyone else is not that great, and they are like cutesy and made for Disney, I don’t know how to say it but the Jonas brothers are not like that! No one understands it. And just because they are one Disney channel, don’t think of them as stupid pop star guy crap because there music is actually really good. Once you watch their videos, you kind of fall even more in love with them and you start thinking about them on a daily basis. And I am not one of those people that say stuff like “OH MY JONAS”, and all that stuff. But I am a huge fan. Although some people are like omj, I’m not like that. And I am telling you the reasons why I love them. I just wish people would listen instead of hating them, and I wish people would change their perspectives on them. It really sucks how much all us fans love them and all this, and we see hate videos and people that dedicate their life to them and you just automatically judge the, and call them “gay”, no talent, bad singers, stupid, all this crap. Please, just listen to me. My perspective changed, and I really hope yours can to because they are wonderful people. If you read all this, thank you so much. Please change your mind, or at least don’t judge them before you try to like the, because that’s what I did, and its not a good thing to do, to anyone. Thank you so much. ☺
In many ways I see the backlash against this group as a repeat of history. Back when I was in seventh grade the group New Kids on The Block were getting to be very popular. They were a big sensation and they came from a more Disney background. People liked them and you would see their posters in teen magazines. Then all of a sudden it was just cooler to hate them than to like them. MTV wouldn't even air their videos (this was back when they still actually showed videos). I guess as much as people like to see someone make it big and rise to the top, it is just as gratifying to watch those that are on top crash and burn. And if they don't, people will just pick at them until they do crash and burn. Fans are fickle and people can be mean. It amazes me how passionate a person can get about something they love, whether it is a musician or actor. It can be funny how overboard a person can get. But it is even more amazing how the haters can be just as obsessed. They hate a person or group but all they talk about it that group and what is so wrong with them. Why put that much energy into something you claim not to care about? This girl I was in college with had this major hate for the Spice Girls. The crazy thing was the way she acted you would have thought she loved them. She bought their music. She said it was so she would know how bad it was and know all the lyrics so she could make fun of it. She hung posters up in her dorm room. They had mustaches drawn on their faces and body hair where it shouldn't be. It point is, most people who don't care for something just ignore it. They don't hate on it or love on it. It doesn't mean enough to them to put any kind of energy into it. The empassioned hater or lover is just the other side of the same coin. As much as you get out of loving the Jonas Brothers there is someone else out there getting their jollies by hating on them. And there is nothing they love better than to get a rise out of a Jonas Brothers lover by giving them a hard time.
I dont know what i can do?
im always bored at home after school and i hate being so lazy sitting in my room on my laptop so ill list stuff about me and at the end i guess just tell me what you think i could do:

BOYS: I like to flirt but no one interesting (from what i know) lives near-by me.

PHONE: i love talking on the phone although i dont have a cell so i cant text.

VIDEOS: I like to watch funny cat videos my cat lover friend calls me and tells me about.

TV: on tv i watch sponge bob, i carly, penguins of madigascar, and americas funniest home videos.

BOOKS: you could never make me read a book for free time unless your my Aunt (baby book author Julia Durango) who sends me books her friends wrote (she only does books she knows ill like)

JOURNALS: i LOVE to journal but can never spend hours with it

DRAWING: im pretty good with manga and i only do it at home to study really good ways to draw it but my friend always out-draws me so im tired of showing her my manga...

PLANNING EVENTS: my bff never answers phone (the out-drawer) and my other friend (cat lover) her mom doesnt like me and my family because my parents are younger and more laid back unlike her (wouldnt let her go to out-drawers sleepover because i was going) ...shes nicer than that but now that she sees that im starting to wear make-up and better clothes she'll think ill start a horrible influence for my friend. All my other friends are boys but the 1st one is not alowed to see me ever again since hes 3 grade older than me and we were talking at 2am 1 night then 11pm another... the 2nd thinks we broke up (was my boyfriend) 3rd is a gay-*** loser who spreads rumors about me now.

OUTFIT PLANNING: i love doing that because of all the new clothes i got over the weekend but it dosnt take up enough time and i hate experimenting with make-up

HYGEINE: well ofcourse i take a shower and use deoderant everyday but i mean all the girly hair spray bottles and lotion and gay stuff to make you feel soft? seriously COME ON! thats gay!

DAYDREAM: i ussualy only do that at night, when im bored, and on the bus while i listen to my mp3. I did accualy come up with this imaginary friend (i dont play invisible tag or accualy move i just think all that stuff) shes accualy my twin who is exactly alike me because im SICK AND TIRED of my best friend (out-drawer) not wanting to listen to my daily rant about boys and junk like that so i just open up to my twin and she gives good advice (more like i gave myself good advice but trust me even the really popular people at my school have their "twins" so back off!

Its really just more of a counselor but who wants to accualy talk to someone in real life about it? if you just pretend your talking to someone you realize you had the answer but never thought about it! =D

WHEN WITH MY GUY FRIENDS: we play army out in the forest and mess around with the security cameras and its really fun and i enjoy this so much i could do this the rest of my life! we have a construction zone with a forest area but im scared because hobos use to or do live there (i have proof) plus when im with guy friends its only sunday and wensday nights because their church friends.

anyways take all this and deside what you think would be best for me to do each and everyday thats NOT lazy and im up for anything. if their are any spring jobs like lemonade stands out their for an 11 year old, almost 6th grade, girl then please tell me. another question: what will people buy at a stand that is always in the house becase we rarely have lemonade...
talk to me! i'm fun and entertaining. hahah jk jk

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