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Am I doing it the right way? Going to doctors for free pregnancy tests instead of buying an at home test?
I think its a waste of money, why would you go buy at home pregnancy tests when you could go to the doctors and get one done there for free? Doc keeps telling me to test at home from now on since its like my 50th test for this year, does he have any business in telling me to go buy what I can get for free?
Ah, so taxpayers are paying for your free health care already, how about getting on birth control instead, I do not care to keep paying for your free visits to the doctor, and later your guys. Responsible support themselves, not free load off taxpayers.
Is there a website that will send you a free home pregnancy test?
It's been over 6 weeks since my last period and I need to take a test. I can't afford to go to the doctors for one.
go to the dollar store they work!1 thats what i have used in the past. or go to planned parenthood they just ask for a donation but you might want to find out soon if you are pg so you can start going to the docs. if you are get medicade; they will pay for the doc and you ,may be able to get more help also . good luck
Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get A FREE Pregnancy Home Test?
I'm 16 And I Need A Pregnancy Test But I Havent Got Any Money And I DONT Want To Go To The Doctors Just Yet
Go to the dollar tree...they are only one dollar.
Does anyone know how I may be able to get a free at home pregnancy test, maybe by mail?
I changed my HMO and I have to wait until October 1st to see any of my doctors and any of the clinics "near" me are many miles away. For now I am trying to keep this from being known by anyone I know until I know for sure, understandably.
Just go to the store and buy one. They're relatively cheap. If you are worried about running into someone, go late at night, maybe to a different city or something.
Free home pregnancy test?
I live in a town with no pregnancy test, or centers and i cant drive and i don't have a lot of money (50cents) where can i find one to send by mail? (Bethany , Illinois) No centers other than 15 miles away
Well you can find a Planned Parenthood and they will test you or go to the 99 cents store and buy a home test there (borrow 50 cents from someone)
Does anyone know of any sits that give away free home pregnancy tests?
Im sort of young and it would be embarrassing to go in a store and buy one, and i don't feel comfortable talking to my doctor.

Anyone can help? PLEASE AND THANK YOU
would the pregnancy test be for you?

don't take this the wrong way, but if you are mature enough to handle a sexual relationship and/or a possible pregnancy, I would assume you would be mature enough to go buy a pregnancy test.

Why don't you just use a self checkout in the store if you buy one? Trust me, the workers won't be paying attention to what you are buying (I didn't when I worked at Kroger lol)
Is there a way to have a free pregnancy test shipped to your home?
If so please provide the web site or an 800 number.
Please keep negative comments to yourself, and dont just tell me to go to a local clinic. My husband and I have been trying for over a year now.

No. People don't generally get free pregnancy tests sent to their home. That's not how it works. It's your responsibility to buy it yourself.
Any Place To Get Cheap or Free Pregnancy Tests Online?
is there any place to get a free home pregnancy test shipped to you or something like that? anything like that? thanks
I bought them from
But it was a kit,pregnancy tests with opk,and together they were cheaper and worked great, I use one of the pregnancy tests 11 dpo and it was positive !
When I asked the same question a few moths ago,the answers were pretty rude,but hey if you want to buy on line buy them!
Good luck!

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