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Where can I download dad-son (gay) comics?
I've been searching for dad-son black and white comics for download. I keep on getting only certain pages from stories rather than having the entire comic book. Thank you
.....that's a sick fantasy.
In the gay community what does the Dad and Son relationship mean?
I would like to know what does the Dad and Son relationship mean in the gay community. I'm gay and a man I know asked me to be his son. I said ok. What does this relationship mean? Does the relationship means we have to have sex? Does that mean that he is attracted to me? Somebody please just explain it to me.
you just said yes to being a bottom. good luck with the new sexual experience.
If the dad/mom is gay, does it make the son/daughter have a higher % of being homosexual?
I was just wondering, i always had this question about gay ppl..(no offenst to homosexual ppl) im just curious, so if the gay dad/mom had sex with a straight person, and then they have babys, will the baby have higher % of being gay, will the ratio go higher?
No. Your parents can not turn you gay.
How can my son tell his dad that he is gay?
Me and my sons Dad have been divorced for years...he is a good father and he sees his son every other weekend or more..but we llive about 60 miles apart so he doesnt see him as much as he would like to. My son is 15 and has always lived with me he doesnt even remember actually living with his dad.. I have always thought he seemed a little different from my other son, and a few months ago he finally told me he was gay..his friends know and his sisters and some of my friends know also. but he is afraid to tell his dad and I dont know myself what will be the outcome when his dad finally does know..I hope it wont change anything..this is his only son..we are afraid ..I know so many people have went through this but I havent..Please help
"Dad, I'm a flitting tinkerbelle. Want to go outside and play catch?"
Being a little flippant here, but it basically just comes down to that. He's got to tell his dad straight out...and hope his dad loves him enough to accept who he is.
Good luck...
Does poor dad - son relation make it potential for the guy to get gay?

would bad guyhood and suffering from a strict dad who always beats his guys for nothing and look down at them , would that may a reason a guy might get gay ?
It might be a reason why a man would seek closeness to another man, but nothing will cause homosexual feelings. There is a difference between wanting to talk to another man and connect with him (a rabbi, priest, friend, uncle...) and having sex with him. Homosexuals are physically attracted to other males. Having a poor relationship with your father will not create those feelings.
A bad guyhood has a number of negative effects- antisocial behavior, low impulse control, addiction, etc but not homosexuality.
If gay marriage is passed, then will dad/son marriage be legal? Or will dad/daughter marriage be legal?
My point is, when do we draw the line? Seriously, when do we say enough is enough? Iam not a holy roller, but damn, what is happening to the morals in this country?
You're a Moron!
Does poor dad - son relation make it potential for the guy to get gay?
would bad guyhood and suffering from a strict dad who always beats his guys for nothing and look down at them , would that may a reason a guy might get gay ?
Well, a few years ago everybody went stampeding off to the idea that homosexuality was inborn and wasn't created by parental interaction.

But you can't have an angry father beating his boy without there being some pretty awful consequences psychologically. Can homosexuality be one of them? Hummmm.

It was believed years ago that the relationship with the mother was the main thing in creating homosexuality - and in this scenario the father was distant or dead - the father had little or no interaction with the boy.

An angry, punishing, aggressive father will lead to later paranoia/terror because the boy is waiting to be beaten all the time - it will lead to a lot of depression because the boy could not fight back - self loathing for the same reason. The list is quite long but I don't believe it would contain the origin of homosexuality.

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