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Gay Fantasies.........?
I have gay fantasies in my head often, but I could never actually in reality hook up with a man; it would just be too there such a thing as having a gay fetish???
No, you are most likely Bisexual and too afraid to act on it.
GAY FANTASIES?!?!?!?!?!?!?
im straight (19 male) and i have gay fantasies, i use to have alot more but now i rarely have them. I had cuckolding fantasies for a while where i was the one doing the guys wife. Ive had sex with girls and loved it and i find no attractiveness in men unless its in dolled up porn, i can never see myself actually dating a guy and i dont actually want to have sex with a guy

is this normal, maybe im nor 100 percent straight but im closer to that than anything else
Your fantasies don't define who you are in reality. If you don't want gay sex in reality, you're not gay in reality. If you don't want adultery in reality (and you'd better not, to avoid big trouble for you and some guy's wife!), then you're not a cheatin' kind of guy in reality.
How come straight black guys dont have gay fantasies but some white guys experiment with each other?
I've noticed how come black guys that are normal and straight dont have gay fantasies thoughts,but some straight white guys experiment with each other do each other and kiss each other,I see on youtube straight white guys getting paid to do each other!
What in the world are you talking about? I've lived in the Black community all my life (and have been a MEMBER of such for all my life) and I have seen plenty of straight guys playing with each other in sexual ways. Furthermore, I've seen plenty of 'straight' Black men do gay porn because they were low on cash. There are all kinds of seedy porn studios who go after straight Black men who desperately need money and take advantage of them. It's sad really.

Your ignorance is likewise sad. Homosexuality has nothing to do with race, nor does gay sex. Please read a book or something. Also, don't reproduce.
Is having fantasies about my guy friend gay?
My guy friend and I talk on the phone every day and now we started to talk over webcam again and it gets me excited when I see him without his shirt on and have all sorts of gay fantasies. Is that gay?

I am a guy by the way. What should I do about these fantasies?
Given your past questions about being 40 but wanting to date 12 year old girls, I think you're an insecure, mentally unstable troll. Just sayin'.
Do gay people ever have straight fantasies?
They say almost every straight person has had atleast 1 gay fantasy, but about what about gay people? Have you ever had a straight fantasy? Obviously I'm talking about AFTER you realized you were gay.
Nobody I know ever has.
I kept having gay fantasies but after I "release" myself, I desire women. What does this mean?
This isn't an every time thing. Just some of the time. There are still many thing when I have fantasies with women.
you are not bisexual you are gay. just realize and deal with it.
Is the reason Rudy Guiliani the front runner because he evokes gay fantasies for the average male Republican?
His being in drag doen't do much for me, though.
The man is a whimp. He is controlled by the center-leg and was never a good cop or a good mayor in New York. Talk to those who suffered by being racially profiled in the city. His ex-wife did that spin on Vagina's and that is part for the core that he lives with - that whole family is worthless. Do you want to see them in the White House? If you are a gay advocate I can see where you are coming from, but even gay's don't think highly of this idiot.

To add, most men in the Democrat Party and the Republican Party are heterosexual and not bi-sexual or homosexual. Get a life.
Is it weird for a 14 year old boy to have gay fantasies?
I get them quite often, and have been for nearly 2 years, is this normal?

I don't care if I end up Bi/Gay, I have a gay uncle and I have always accepted gays. After all, we are all human.

What do you think?
I used to have gay fantasies when I was 14, so I hope it's not weird.

14 was the age when I began to realise that I'm actually bisexual, prior to that age I'd only had boys as friends. As puberty set in I began to get attracted to my friends, and fantasise about them, so I thought I was gay. I then started to notice the girls, but the feelings for the boys remained, and I later realised that I'm bisexual.

It's good that you have accepted the possibility that you are gay, when I was your age there was no internet to consult and it took me some time to find out that being bisexual was a recognised sexuality.

Good luck, take care, but have fun.
Is it true that alot of straight men have gay fantasies?
Someone told me once that alot of "straight" men have suppressed gay fantasies and even live them out this really true??
all guys are horny devin... most of them don't care how they get their rocks off as long as they do get their rocks off...
no fantasy needed... ;-p
Am I going to hell for having gay fantasies?
I'm really scared. I'm 15, and I keep having these gay thoughts in my head. I can't control them. Is God going to send me to hell?
No, it is very silly that society has taught us that gay is wrong. Isn't God supposed to be a forgiving being? I do not know much about the bible or religion, but if he is forgiving and accepting, he should love you no matter who you are or what your fantasies and/or sexual orientation may be. Try to find somebody to talk to, perhaps family or friends? If you feel that your family may not be accepting of this right away, perhaps friends or even a guidance councilor for help and support.

Remember, you should always be yourself. Things such as gay fantasies cannot be controlled, if you are gay then that is just who you are. You're young, you still have time to figure these things out :)

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