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I am curious about gay italian men?
i was wondering do gay italian men likes dark skin latinos. now here the 411 i am a bi dark boricua boy but mostly attracted to guys, who will be moving to milan, italy which i totally can't wait and i love italian men but i am worry that they dont wouldnt like me because of my color
Haha. Maybe you should ask one? If someone doesn't like you, because of your race then maybe it's not worth it. Good luck though!
How can I choose ? all these beautiful gay italian men?
so confused so confused
y should you have to choose, have one for everyday.
Do italian men lie about being gay?
theres some italian men on facebook,...2 to be exact who are "married" to a man. When i asked if theyre gay they say No its an inside joke...

Is this normal for a straight man
Just leave out the second word.
Italian men in Canada... Where to find one?
I am an 18 year old white gay man looking for a boyfriend. I live in Canada. I am not asking this here as an dating ad, but because I need tips. Where can I find a gay Italian man in Canada? I thought Little Italy, of course, but I heard it's quite conservative there. I am not interested in meeting one online.

I want a man who is between 25-35, Italian or of Italian descent, and who isn't too thin. I like Italian men with a bit of meat on their bones. A man that looks a little like a chubbier Antonio Banderas, but he's Spanish. Where to find one?
As a former resident of Montreal, you might want to check out that city firstly... It has a very HUGE Italian community.
And if I may say this, and I don't even know whether Y/A will allow this to "fly", but quite honestly, we need more Italians in Canada than some of the others roaming around...!!!!
Rachelle In High Heels
Are there more gay Spanish or Italian men?
and are Spaniards also called hispanics Or latinos Or both
My wife says she has never seen so many gay men until she came to the USA. (She's from Russia.)
Do these Italian men look gay ?
How you know they are italians? Maybe they are maybe they are not models are from all over the world
Gay men. Do you think this Italian male pop singer is sexy / cute / good-looking? ?
His name is Samuele Bersani, an Italian pop singer.

Self photo (1):

Self photo (2) :

Self-photo (3):

Self-photo (4)

Samuele's MV

Gay men. Is he your type ?
Italiens are so HOT!!! The sungs are lame, but they are also 15 years old. I would totaly do him, and even now too.
Is it true that a lot of Italian men are gay?
No..It is in all nationalities.
What advantage and disadvantage does a gay man have if he has a rich, good-looking Italian fiance?
I mean, the gay man has engaged with the Italian guy after 4 years of dating.
Depends on the man.

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