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Do some girls know guys can peak in their bras?
Like im in the 10th grade and some girls bras might be to big, so you can see their nipples. I cant lie i enjoy it, but wanted to know do you girls know this. And from the guys whats some of your experience seeing down in their.
yeah..we know you guys like to peak on bras and have a glimpse of boobs...u wanna see mine??
Is it ok for me to wear bras and girls underwear?
Just to add to my last post. I wear mostly girls pajamas,bras and underwear. Most of the time I wear them to bed. But as for skirts and other stuff I haven't worn them outside of my bedroom. And only me has seen me in them.
wear what you want. in my opinion there is nothing wrong with dressing up or dressing as the opposite sex. i wear sweatshirts and jogging pants sometimes so you just wear what you want.people may have predjudices but its your choice and most people predjuge about someone. if i was you i wouldnt care about what people thought cos i got grief how i look cos i have glasses and i dyed my hair red (you can imagine) so i wouldnt worry cos ive finally accepted i wont change.
Why do girls wear bras when their boobs are small?
Ive dated a girl that wore the smallest size in bras and ive seen her boobs and other area and ive seen her in a bra and its too big like theres areas on the top of the bra where you can slide something down it and i was wondering why girls wear bras when they have really small ****!
so we have something to take off
About girls bras in high school?
I am a 13 year old girl and I am wondering what types of bras do you wear to school? I am also wondering should i wear more than one layer because i see many girls doing this with shirt and i would like to know y? Also I am wondering cause i see a lot of girls bra cups through their shirt how i could fix this? Please answer all parts of questions and what you notice other girls wearing or doing.. thank you
I think it looks awful when you can see a bra through a shirt and that is where I would say get a different shirt or layer them up. where any bra you want as long as it fits. You can get measured (highly recommended) for proper fitting. layers are nice looking as long as it's done right. colours don't have to match, they do have to be the same tone though. so no pastel colours and earth tone shades. When choosing bottoms, like pants and skirt keep in mind the squat rule. if you can bend down or squat without showing off your panties (or more) then it's too low or too short. Don't worry about what other girls are wearing, be you and wear clothes that show your personality. Project to others that you are confident in yourself and abilities (even if you aren't).
What is the difference between a womens bra, and a girls bra?
Okay cuz I was in walmart looking for bras, and I saw a 32B in womens, and a 32B in girls. Is there a difference in size or something?
Yes. The sizing should be the same, but the purpose of the bra is different... if that makes any sense. Women's bras have more lift & support where as girl's bras have more coverage.

Hope this helps! :)
Is it normal to think about girls and bras?
I'm 14 and in high school is it normal?
Duh, crazed hormones flying all over the place.
Guys (or girls): Bras and shirts: who thinks the same as this?
I think it's absolutely sick when girls wear shirts without bras, but I was listening to the radio the other day and Brittany Snow was saying it's less nasty for flat-chested girls to do so because that's how people are modeling in magazines now and advertising...that designers are designing clothes for those skinny girls and that A-cups are in and cute..true or not?
I Hope so! Ha! I think it looks sloppy when girls have big boobs and don't wear a bra cuz most of them are so saggy, unless they are fake and that looks tacky too. It looks a little better if you have smaller boobs and don't wear a bra.
Girls bras in school?
In high school i see a lot of girls wearing different bras. Why do they do this? What are all the types of bras they might wear and y they would wear them? also i saw a girl wearing a bra that had clear straps and semi-clear cups (saw in locker room) what was that bra called? please answer all questions.
different people wear differnt things. We cant all be the same or else life would be boring.
Do you wish Pamela Anderson Lee would start a line of cute bras for girls with big breasts?
I have large breasts, and I can never find any really cute bras, or bra/panty sets in my size, and this makes me a little sad. Pam has big breasts and I'm certain that she wears all kinds of really cute bras, so I wish she would create her own bra line for girls with big breasts.

Don't you agree?
♥ I sure wish someone would! It doesnt have to be her... just anyone with big breasts who understand what we want! I have a large chest as well and I really want some adorable bras.... I'm sick of wearing uncomfortable and blatantly ugly bras.

♥ Hey! Maybe WE should start our own line! What do you say? :-)
Girls bras in school help.?
In high school i see a lot of girls wearing different bras. Why do they do this? What are all the types of bras they might wear and y they would wear them? also i saw a girl wearing a bra that had clear straps and semi-clear cups (saw in locker room) what was that bra called? please answer all questions.

There are...

Training bras
Push-up bras
Strapless Bras
Sports Bras
And loose bras
OH! and regular bras

The sizes depend on the girl

They go from A-Z

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