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All Comments

What school has the hottest college cheerleaders?
I'm thinkin either Texas or USC
some boys school
Which NFL team have very hot and sex cheerleaders?
Everyday, listen to my rules before answer the question;
no jokes or negative words while answer,

I likes the NFL cheerleaders more than the college football cheerleaders because NFL does have many hot cheerleaders.

I wants to know which NFL team has very hot cheerleaders.
I feel funny answering this question, but according to my Dad, and all the guys I know, it has always been The Cowboy Cheerleaders. It started with them, and I guess they will always be the best.
Who has the hottest college football cheerleaders?
I'm partial to the University of So.Cal. girls.
USC cheerleaders may be hot, but they sure aren't very smart. Here's one cheering for Texas.
This Is A Question For Guys about The Hottest College/Pro Cheerleaders ...?
Ladies can answer if you want also. I'm not selfish. My question revolves around the so called idea that USC… cheerleaders are the hottest in the land. True/Untrue?

If you think this why do you think they are the hottest?

Maybe it's the Uniforms they wear? I think you could put UCLA… cheerleaders in the USC Uniforms and no one would even notice the difference. What do you think?

I can't stand Dallas (I'm a Falcons fan) but I do love me some Cowgirls!

Quick Poll : Who has the hottest cheerleaders in your humble opinion?

Thumbs up to all answers. Try to be nice ok? Thanks!
Dallas Cowboys Pro and USC ladies but have you seen the Texas Cheerleaders with those chaps?
Who has the hottest cheerleaders in college basketball?
What do you think? this website, got me thinking...
Ohio State has alot of hotties, so does Duke.
Whenever I go to a home Duke game the cheerleaders are
Who are the hottest girls & cheerleaders of the 2011 NCAA tournament?
I see their's a page on of the hottest girls of the big east and different NCAA conferences of who has the hottest college girls/cheerleader and I was wondering does anyone know of any? Reason why i ask is because their is always some hot girl on the sideline cheering on their team..they always catch your eye. :)
Brittney Griner from Baylor is hot.
Best Cheerleaders in College Football?
I've been lookintg at and they have a weekley feature with photos of different college cheerleaders...none of which have been as hot as i thought...atheltic and spunky...but not hot. Who's got the best? And to save you sometime...the University of Wisconsin cheerleaders are hogs.
I've always thought it's a tie between USC & UCLA. And I'm not from California.

Something about the little skirts and the Cali girls, I guess.

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