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What would you do if you seen a hot naked teen girl in the forest?
just wondering about aimlessly
Foreplay, phonenumber, kiss, ask name, give ride home (still nude), and sex.
What should i do I was caught naked by a hot girl teens only!!?
i am only 14 and she looked good but i did not know what to do
Call her and ask her out. Only if u look good. LOL JK :D
I'm 17, and I sometimes sleep naked on hot days.?
I just thought about it because it's winter, and I hate that I can't. But are there any other teens around my age that have ever done it or do sleep naked once in a while?
That's a little bit sick.
Teen guys, plz see me (hot girl) naked and/or have sex with me?

just guyding. now that you're here, i need your help!

Grammar/Writing/English/Paper Question Is this a run-on sentence? If so, how would you fix it?

"Roosevelt’s first string of economic stimulus acts as president, known as “The First New Deal,” were intended to fix the economic crisis in the short term, mainly by implementing new banking and industrial laws, creating work relief and agricultural programs, and by dispelling the public’s panic which he believed was 'threatening to create chaos' in the financial system."
try this format

"Roosevelt’s first string of economic stimulus acts as president, known as “The First New Deal,” were intended to fix the economic crisis in the short term. He did this mainly by implementing new banking and industrial laws, creating work relief and agricultural programs, and by dispelling the public’s panic which he believed was ' threatening to create chaos ' in the financial system."
Using the hot tub in the nude?? Teens?
I'm 14 and in our hotel there's a hot tub and all the guys are going in it naked, should I do t like them or am I not old enough. I don't think yor supposed to wear clothes after seeing everyone nt wearing anything
Not the best idea. You may get busted. The receptionist may record the feed from the security cameras and post it to Utub.

Fact, it is always acceptable to keep your trunks on. Back in high school we still had boy's only swimming. Coach said we could bring a suit from home, or do with out. Well we all were studly studs, so 80% of us went with out. It was wicked fun, mother would not approve. But my friend Bob wore his swim suit. Bob said he was terrified of injuring him self when diving off the diving board. It was a bull **** excuse, but we all accepted it. Come to think of it, no one dived off the diving board much.
Teens - What kind of pictures do you keep on your computer?
I was just wondering because my friend's files are full of random topless guys from our class and she's saved a few of her friend's Facebook profile pictures, mine included, which I thought was a bit creepy.

Me - I have funny pictures, holiday photos, photos with family and friends, guitar chords, a few photos of hot celebrities (not naked), a whole file dedicated to alexander skarsgard ;-) etc.
I have so many family pictures on my computer. From right when I was a baby until now. There's lots of me when it was just me, then plenty when my brother Cillian was born, then there's lots from when we adopted my brother Josh. I'm a bit of a photo freak if I'm being honest, I love looking back at old photos <3

I have some with my friends aswell from days out, and some with my boyfriend, including pics from when we went to Blackpool just recently

I have some of celebs and footballers from my team, but not a great deal
TEENS: Do you do conform to "vice-versa"...........?
Teen humans, do you believe in equality based on "vice-versa"?

This basically means that, if you're a teen human that is female, do you masturbate to hot guys naked?
Nope. Mostly when I masturbate if there is a guy involved he doesn't really have a face, but when I masturbate its more about the body.
Why do a lot of young woman and teen girls put half naked photos of themselves on their 360 page and MYSPACE?
OK so yeah ..i might not be skinny and beautiful in most of societies eyes but if i were skinny and 'hot' i think i would have more respect for myself....!!!! What is wrong with these people?? Is their self esteem/respect soo low that they need the comments from men to make them feel better?
The USA's morals are going down rapidly!
Accidentally clicked on....?
Look I'll outright admit what happened. As embarrassing as this is I was looking at porn I honestly typed in "Hot chicks naked" and this website showed up "Hot wet teens" I clicked on it and it showed up as guy naked I clicked out of it immediately in disgust I'm not like that I'm not some sick guy molesting pervert. But I'm worried now can the government know I just clicked on that site and can they prosecute me for looking at something I honestly didn't know what I was clicking on?
Okay first off , everyone knows porn sites are viewed, so no one is or should give you a hard time for that. but you really need to report this site . Don't worry about yourself since you know you did not intend to come across that kind of site, Worry about those guyren being exploited & help them. here is what you need to report this to. Just be honest You may be saving a guy or more than 1 guys life. This may be a reason you were meant to click that site*

• Report Guy Exploitation and Pornography:
- Use our Cyber Tip Line or call 1-800-843-5678
- Or contact FBI Crime Against Guyren coordinators
in our Local Field Offices ( found under Gov. in the phone book)
Is it wrong to have feelings towards your sibling?
Ok I'm 19 years old and I have two sisters and a brother. When we were young it was normal for us to walk around naked or with our underwear inside the house, like from the bathroom to the room or while it was hot. When I was around 15 my older sister was 17 and she had a habit of walking around in her underwear more often the the rest, she even slept naked. At around that time I became more self-counsious and I even got an erection more then a couple of times when I was watching her around the house, once when she was asleep. Now my older sister is out of the house but my younger sister, 16, also has a very bad habit, she filrts with anyone and seeing her naked, with her hot teen body doesn't help, she even came on to me once and we almost did it, but my brother arrived home and we stopped. Now I get an erection whenever I see her even wearing her underwear. I actually dreamt and fantasized about having sex with her and my older sister.

What to do...
I grew up in a house like yours and me and my sister were always running around half naked. So I developed similar feelings for her. It's not wrong to have such feelings but to act on them is of course an entirely different matter. You need to take into consideration the ramifications of your actions if you decide to sleep with her. Perhaps its better to just have fantasies and not go beyond that.

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