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Anybody got any mutual M/M stories?
does anyone have any mutual Male to Male masturbation stories?
How many times do you masturbate a day? and how old are you (Male and Female)?
How many times do you masturbate a day? and how old are you this question is for females and males. I hered stories about masturbation on the forum of the net they say if you masturbate every day you slow your sex drive and make it very week... how true is that not sure . also they say the more you masturbate the less senseative the penis head will become. is that true too? how many of you experienced these symptoms??? .

Honest answers only .

Thank you for your time.

Ali 30 Male Vancouver Canada.
Once or twice a day, but it's part of my job. No, it doesn't cause ANY problems.

33 M
What is this masturbation tips website?
I think the back ground is yellow. On the left it has female categories and male categories. Once you click on a category it will show stories of masturbation tips that are user submitted and have to do with that category Please help me find the address of this website!! 10 points to first answer with the correct website!!
It sounds like you are talking about .

I love reading their tips!
Male sex/ejaculation/masturbation daily healthy?
I stopped ejaculating during sex about 9 months ago and gained over 25'lb's of muscle. I understand clearly the health benefits but im receiving conflicting stories in regards to negative effects of semen retention. Although Prostate cancer has no sure reasonable cause, it is reported by western science doctors that ejaculating 21 days per month prevents prostate cancer for males.

Eastern science doctors however; say the exact opposite is true, and that males ejaculating so much is the reason for prostate problems.

Mainly because zinc is an essential nutrient in the body, and is essential for "sexual reproductive system health." Also zinc is very important in male prostate gland function and the overall growth of the sexual reproductive organs. Zinc nourishes the prostate gland.

Eastern doctors state that a deficiency of this important trace element through frequent sex, ejaculation, masturbation, ect can result in male prostate gland disorders (e.g. prostatitis, BPH, prostatic hyperplasia, etc.)

Simply because zinc is found plentiful in male sperm, and that with each and every ejaculate, approximately 3mg of zinc is lost - - the ejaculation of sperm becomes detrimental in the sense that vital and essential nutrients (including zinc) are lost and not replenished.

And because the prostate gland is chiefly comprised of the nutrient zinc, it is important that zinc is constantly replenished and if not, the Body Intelligence will cause Zinc to be taken from the brain and spinal fluid and sent down to the reproductive system.

Excessive appropriation of Zinc from the brain to the sex glands by the body's intelligence in response to excessive sexual intercourse can result in memory loss and slowed mental activity over time.

Could anyone help me on making the right decision?
jeez dude, no orgasm in 9 months!?! that can't be healthy...

how often are you waking up in sticky sheets?!?

jesse! stop being fresh! lol
Quiz me this, Christians. If masturbation is a sin because of the story of Onan in Genesis...?
Or, as many say, a complete misunderstanding of the story of Onan. As the story goes, Onan was punished for spilling his seed. Ok, let's say for the sake of argument, that makes sense and male masturbation is wrong.

Women don't have seed to spill. Are we free to self-gratify without fear of divine retribution?

Or going blind?

Just wondering.
If that is a sin I am so going to be buried under hell.
Is it odd for a group of males to talk about masturbation??
for me, it's kinda gay... what do u think??

why is it that MOST men tell most masturbation stories with fellow men that with WOMEN??
it depends on their age
younger boys may talk about masturbation more than older guys would
i doubt if it means anyone is gay or not
Masturbating in the showers at gym? (male teenager)?
So at my gym there are curtains, is it alright to masturbate there? Anyone have any stories of masturbation in the gym showers?
lol please don't tell me you're considering that. playing with your doidle in a room full of men? NAKED MEN? probably not the best of ideas. unless you roll that way... and if you don't mind me asking, how in god's green earth do you propose to get tall down there?
Masturbation ruined me?
I'm 15 (male) and I believe masturbation has deeply destroyed my mental and physical health. I masturbate once a day. For example, when I go up to get things I forget why I am there in the first place, and go back down, and then up again, about 3 times before I can get it. I am always confused, and cannot understand things for what they are etc etc etc. My penis can barely erect... i can't control myself. I read alot of articals on the internet, all sugesting that it was perfectly normal, however when I went to read peoples opinions and stories, they were very similar to what I am experiencing. Can who isn't a chronic masturbater, but just masturbates once a day (or something of the sort), tell me if what I am experiencing is due to masturbation. I just want to confirm because I don't know who to believe.Help is appreciated, sorry if this is a bit long.
People who come from certain religious groups fear and hate masturbation - due to medieval ideas that should have died but haven't.

Fact is masturbation is harmless and healthy. Any professional will tell you that.

Therefore, question is what other problems you are trying to blame on masturbation. Masturbation does not lead to confusion or erectile dysfunction. Talk to a doctor - and a psychologist if this persists. I believe your problem may be that you were taught masturbation is bad, and have internalized that - and are harming yourself - but no one can diagnose over the internet, least of all me -- I am only sure that you need some help, and that the problem is NOT the act of masturbation.



PS Note that the one response you get that tells you it might be masturbation causing your problem is from someone deeply influenced by the more extreme end of one of the religions that don't like it -- so let me repeat, its in your mind, see a professional.
I don't like sex with other people just masturbation?
Is this weird. I am girl and I prefer watching porn and hentai or reading stories than having intercourse. For some reason whenever given the chance I always feel that my sex is not to be shared and I feel annoyed, uncomfortable, or apathetic when someone barges in on my parade. Also when I masturbate I don't think of anyone in particular. Just a useless male with a huge penis, no emotional connection or physical attraction. Just a penis, it doesn't really matter who.
Don't listen to the closed mind people who already commented.

There is nothing wrong with you, you just feel more comfortable with yourself than with other people. For you sex is a matter of trust so until you find someone you really like and trust, you don't want to have sex.

If you don't think in anyone in particular, it's because orgasms for you are separate from emotions, and it's just a physical feeling. Once you find someone special, you will relate the orgasm to emotion and you will want to have sex.

Until then just do what you like the most.
Question about masturbation health?
Hi, I'm 14 years old, Male. This is my story.

I have started to masturbate again.. This time with a.. strange method. I was in the shower, and I noticed the tickling sensation of the water coming out of th shower head. So I decided to turn it all the way on max, and it was the best masturbation I have had in years. The only thing I am concerned about is that I let the strong water run on the most sensitive part of the penis, otherwise known as the "head" or crown. The water ran hard for a good 5 minutes before I stopped several hours later I noticed that the tip of the penis, where the urine and semen comes out of, is odly shaped. It looks as if it is turned inside out. I would have released it sooner, but the sexual desire got to me and I couldn't handle myself. I don't know how this will affect my sex life as I am only 14.

It this serious or will it go away soon? thanks.
yeahh iitried it and its just a PHASE .

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