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Masturbation tecniques?
I live in a fairly large family. Are there any quiet or mostly silent ways to reach an orgasm?
have you tried the Oriental grip with the iguana twist it just makes you gasp for air in little hard to notice screams.but be careful because you can go blind if you dont do it correctly. I noticed you said your family is fairly large...........someone is not doing too much wanking??????huh????
What are some really good masturbation tecniques?
i am a girl. i know how to i just need to spicce it up a bit.

thanks everyone!!
Here are a bunch of good tips...…

Have fun!
Any good masturbation tecniques?
Lube? No lube? How to have the best orgasm (male)
Male masturbation tecniques?
im not looking for a site, i wanna know what gets you off, what works for you.
uhm for me just a basic fist method i didnt even know that there were others until recently and when i checked online no only did a lot of them look weird but they looked painfull too
Masturbation tecniques (guy)?
i was just wondering if anyone has some techniques. im getting sick of the up and down. also, what is a good way to keep my penis from curving? (it hasnt yet, i just would like to know ahead of time)
ive tried using mash potato and tomato puree for a different sensation.
What are some different tecniques for guys masturbation?
my girlfriend and i are looking for something new to try. any ideas? please and thank you
Have her suck it!
How can i tell if i'm a masturbation addict and how do i stop!!?
I look a masturbation
tecniques al the time and i can't stop thinking about it . If any1 out there has over come this help
dont know but go find your self a girl friend would help you 2 stop good luck with your problem
I'm a curious teen about masturbation, please help!?
Well i just turned 16 and am a religious churchgoer. I have recently become interested in masturbation and different tecniques and I feel wrong about it but the urge is strong. I feel like I want to see one of my friends do it to compare. Is this wrong? any suggestions? =/
Hey man dont worrie about it, its normal. If you want to know some new way to masturbate the IM me at
Teen Masturbation Tips and Techniques?
I'm 13 and I was wondering about some tips and tecniques to masturbation.....
kk this is probably the best way :

Turn the radio on. Then get naked and lay on ur bed w/ ur legs up and wide open. So u could feel the air in ur Virgina. Relax then get a vibrating tooth brush and massage it around ur Virgina. The wen u feel really good bout it put the tooth brush in ur Virgina. While ur doin this just think about ........................ and relax. Just make sure tht no ones home so they couldn't interpret u.

u could also try finger or rubbing ur Virgina.
Masturbation For Girls?
im really curious to know what masturbation feels like, but i dont know how to do it, im a virgin, but recently ive been feeling increasingly horny, please give me some tecniques on how to masturbate, so im not so uncomfortable anymore, thanks
Start by playing with yourself down their, and if it feels good continue doing it.

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