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Movies with that have 1 or more scenes with pantyhose feet?
what are some movies that show women in pantyhose feet? that is such a turn on!

these are all u need...
Can I wear shorts with pantyhose for a movie date on my birthday?
My 17th birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I wanted to know if I could wear a pair of shorts with pantyhose. I love to have my legs massaged in pantyhose, and I want my date to rub my legs during the movie. It feels a lot better with pantyhose on than if I have bare legs.
very nice outfit! But you should also wear a bodysuit over your pantyhose and then the shorts over that.
What are some movies that show alot of girl's feet in pantyhose?
i'm going to go rent a movie at movie gallery and i have a pantyhose foot fetish...does anyone know any movies that show alot of girls in pantyhose and showing their feet?
Secretary with James Spader

The Devil Wears Prada

Center Stage (not pantyhose but ballerinas and dance tights)

Wargames has an awesome shot of Ally Sheedy in footless workout tights. That one gets me EVERY time

Kirsten Dunst wears pantyhose throughout the Spiderman series
Is it OK to rub a girl's legs in pantyhose on a movie date?
There's this cute girl at my school who often wears skirts (or dresses) and pantyhose to school. If I ask her out to see a movie, do you think she would wear an outfit like that for a date? If so, would it be OK if I put my hand on her knee or leg and started to rub it? Before doing that, should I tell her that she has pretty legs?
Uhhh, bro? It sounds like you want to bang her. It's too soon for that, if she feels uncomfortable, she might slap you and she won't be dating you anymore.

Wait a few dates, then try it.
If I wear pantyhose on a movie date, will he rub my legs?
Suppose I go on a movie date with a guy, and I wear a skirt with pantyhose. If I put one of my legs over my date's lap, will he rub my leg in the pantyhose? Or will he ask me to put it back down and sit normally?
Back when I was dating, if my date did what you described I would certainly rub her legs. There is nothing sexier than a woman's legs in nylon.
How would you feel seeing a man wearing pantyhose with short shorts?
I live in LA and love wearing pantyhose in public. Specifically with Lycra short shorts and scrunchy socks. Kinda like a Hooters girl. My girlfriend totally supports my wanting to do this and will sometimes will wear the same thing. We go to restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores, movies, etc. I have no desire to fully crossdress, I just want to wear pantyhose everywhere. I see nothing wrong with it.
First let me begin by saying how sorry I am that SO many people slammed you for wearing a simple piece of clothing. That's all pantyhose is, a simple piece of clothing, and throughout the course of history it has not been uncommon for men to be seen in public wearing some form of tights or hosiery. A man wearing pantyhose is low on the list of the reasons people may think that California is a state full of fruits and nuts! Cross-dressers are found in EVERY state.

Now that I've vented on to your question. While wearing pantyhose with shorts is not considered a normal outfit --- Unless you are a Hooter's Girl or Daisy Duke --- There are a few women (and guys) who do that. I've done it myself but that was only because I was MUCH younger and I had not yet learned to be openly comfortable doing what I like (which is usually just wearing pantyhose but on occasions adding a skirt or dress, appropriate lingerie and heels).

It's hard to find someone is this world that loves you and you love even when you follow traditional norms. It's even tougher for a guy to find a woman who is tolerant of his desire to wear pantyhose, especially with him in public! I hope you continue to enjoy your relationship and also continue to do what you and her enjoy doing. It's your life and don't let anyone persuade you from what makes you or her happy. Good Luck!
Who is a celebrity/movie star, or celebrity, or whatever, who wears Pantyhose almost all the time?
I'd like a list of celebrities, musician, movie stars, etc, who wear pantyhose a lot of the times, and who also wear pantyhose w/ skirts
zooey deshenell she in yes man hitichkier guied to the galaxy 500 days of summer
What is the movie with a little girl who rolls on the floor in pantyhose?
What is the movie about a little girl (maybe orphan tomboy), I think she gets taken in by a wealthy woman. I remember her taking a bubble bath, jumping on the bed and rolling on the floor in a nice dress because her pantyhose itch. I saw it years ago and can't remember the name
I, too, think that it could be Curly Sue (1991) with James Belushi. This is just a guess since I can't remember the exact scene. I do, however, remember her taking a bubble bath.
What is the movie where a guy tries to eat a snow cone with pantyhose on his head?
In the movie the guy is like a crook/bad guy so he is wearing pantyhose on his head, you know like the really cheap identity cover-up, and he attempts to eat a snowcone without taking it off. The guy is on like a boardwalk or carnival type thing. It was a really cheesy but stupid movie that I saw on tv a few years ago and have been trying to figure out the name of it ever since.
Fatal Instinct (1993)

In one of the background scenes of the movie, along the Santa Monica Pier Boardwalk, MILO CRUMLEY, the "Support Hose Bandit", ambles by casually, unnoticed, sucking on a cherry Snow-Cone through the panty-hose pulled down over his head.
If I wear shorts on a date, will he act differently during the date if I wear pantyhose?
I'm 17, junior in HS. If I have a date to go out to dinner, movies, bowling, mini-golf, etc., and I wear shorts, will he act differently if I wear pantyhose vs. just going bare-legged?
Pantyhose under shorts are such a turn on. I think he will act differently but it will be a good kind of different. Men love pantyhose, they're smooth and silky and they make womens legs look great. If my date wore pantyhose when she went out with me it would be an amazing turn on!

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