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What is the skinny on Anal Sex?
So my husband is hell bent on trying this with me and I am scared to death. What are some good pointers on making this and easy process if I CONSIDER trying this. Does it hurt? Can it be enjoyable? What positions would be easiest to get started with? How fast, how deep? You know, the usual. If there are any experts in this subject I would value your opinion. Thanks
If you don't want to do it, just tell him you prefer not to. He loves you and should understand. You cant force someone to do something they just aren't interested in. Tell him your way passed peer pressure.

If you do want to then I suggest! A condom! especially if your going from anal to vaginal sex, don't mix the two.

We used Ky-jelly and mixed it with Oral jell! it helped with the pain alot! What your husband doesn't understand is that its painful, ask him to let you try it out on him first! So he can know what hes asking you to do. Oh! they do sell a product called Anal-ease. its the same stuff that's in the Oral-jel. Don't use oil, as a lubricant.
Is there any way of getting anal fissure by wearing skinny jeans?
Try this site;…
Most anal fissures are caused by stretching of the anal mucosa beyond its capability. For example, anal fissures are common in women after guybirth[2], after difficult bowel movements, and in infants following constipation.[3]
How was it the first time you did anal?
I am just curious what your guys' first time doing anal was like? My boyfriend has been recently wanting to do it and i'm so afraid of it hurting and also the accidents happening during or after if you know what I mean. His di ck is pretty good size and I am a VERY skinny "fragile" person haha. Also, any tips to help it hurt less or to not have accidents would be great. Thanks in advance! :)
The two very most important things are to be clean and relaxed. Clean as in; go to the bathroom and then take a shower and make sure you're clean back there.

When you do it, you have to relax. The first few times, it will be uncomfortable, but practice makes perfect!

My first time was painful and awkward, but I've learned to please my boyfriend with my butt and he's never been happier.
Is it possible that a woman can get a anal infection for wearing a thong?
i ask this question because how can some women wear thong with the skinny line all the way up in thier a$$.
Well, I'm a gynecologist, and yes, you can. Usually it's a vaginal infection from the butt, because women's genitals are closer to their anus, but yes, it is possible. I wear thongs during the winter, because bodily fluids expelled through the anus and vagina during hot weather don't come out really. Yes, if a woman has a thong all the way pulled up in their butt and vaginal lips, and bodily fluids or bacteria get on the inside of the thong, and they pull it out, they can come in contact with each other. I have a lot of sex, and I wear thongs during it, and yes, I do pull it up all the way to my butt and vagina, but only for a short time.
What have those *grey aliens* learned from anal probing, crushing circles of wheat, and mutilating cattle?
And why are their big-eyed heads so much fatter than their skinny little bodies? I mean, how do they manage not to just fall over every time they stand up?

They must be real smart....
i always thought they were 'mauve'?

who came up with grey? Mauve is so much warmer.

back in the 60s, some High School guys in Michigan dressed in blue long underwear, covered themselves in Christmas lights, strapped a car battery to their backs, and while wearing a football helmet covered in styrofoam, terrorized little old ladies in a farming community for months.

proves two things:

1) people are dumb... okay, people will believe anything

2) school guys are brave. (i can't imagine why they didn't get shot? everyone in that area has at least 2 deer rifles)
I have a black swordtail its fat but i dont know where the anal vent is and whats a breeding net?
its fat usually its skinny and i dont know where the anal vent is its just lying down and its fiesty
To check if it is pregnant, looking in the anal area for a dark spot. Here is a photo of what the "gravid spot" looks like:

If you fish does have the gravid spot, then she is pregnant. Swordtails give birth every 2-3 weeks.

A breeding net is a net that floats around the tank, holding the pregnant swordtail and awaiting her to give birth. The breeding net makes it so that when the fry (baby fish) are born, they will be safe from other fish. I recommend the Marina Fish Net, the one I own. You can buy it at any Petsmart or Petco, or order it online from aquacave (trusted).…
Should two 14 year old boys sleep cammando(naked) together and do anal sex and wach porn?
What could happen if we did this?could we accidentally touch each other or rub on another or roll on top of each other and touch or dick skinny dipping in my pool If our penises touch each other while skinny dipping I've seen this boy naked before at they gym. Also we were talking about skinny dipping in my pool so this happen today and we had anal sex jerk off and suck penis
You 2 are confused and might be bi curious or homosexual
Girls which boy would you rather pick?
short, ugly, sensitive, fun, caring, understanding, comfortable, future diplomat

tall, skinny, anal, fun, exciting, giving, caring, future dentist

Girls~ which boy would you choose?? you like them both equally. but you can't have both so who would you pick?
yeah um, sorry to say, they both dont sound like my type of guy. but if i was absolutely HAD to pick *yuck* then i would pick #2. he just seems better. idk. but they both dont sound goood.......soryyy! :) kay hope this helps! if u have anymore quesitons or jut wanna talk email me :P
Whats that porn stars name from the 90's she a redhead skinny small **** white skin- makes faces?
it's pissin me off so badddd=== this skinny dark red head porn star usually does anal and she makes faces- kinda older now i recently seen her in a softcore movie only she was jus there for a small part ---she was also in a movie (well alot but) it was called wet and sloppy or sloppy n wet where shes in a junk yard
Hard to tell by your description, but it could be Katja Kassin.
Anal sex tips/suggestions anyone?
Ok, well I'm a male and Bi, and have had sexual experiences with guys before. I'm talking to this one guy now and we plan to have sex soon. However, he's bigger than anything I've messed with before. I've had anal twice before. The first guy was 6 inches and it was pretty skinny and the second guy was 5 1/2 and pretty skinny too. The first time it hurt a little but I got over it and it went ok. The second time was about the same, but I think it hurt a little more because we weren't as lubricated. These experiences were both 4 months apart, so I hadn't really gotten used to the feeling of anal. It's now been 5 months since the second experience and my hole is pretty tight (just about enough for my index finger to fit) and the guy I'm talking to now is different from the others. He is 7 1/2 inches (OMG!) and he's pretty thick too. I'm eager to have sex with him but at the same time, I don't want to ruin things but stopping early because things get too painful or too uncomfortable. So are there any tips/precautions or words of advice anyone could give me so that it doesn't hurt as much, and actually feel enjoyable. And any condoms or lubricants that might help out with this situation to make it a better experience? And any positions you recommend to make things interesting as well? (We both have freaky imaginations.) Thanks so much. :)

- Jeffy
Practise, lots of lube, slow foreplay and love making and a good scene setting.

Try the shower or a bath first, make sure your clean as well. Practise with his fingers first and get used to more than one finger.

It mostly comes with some practise, no one can just shove things up there without it hurting.

Get used to more than one finger and the experience of those feelings and after a few tries, you will find it easier. I don't think you can just go straight from a slim finger to a thick and long sshlong! ;0)

If you just want to sleep with him without all the practise, then your going to have to do this on your own. Buying a flexible dong with a Tbar (so it doesn't disappear up the rear, so to speak) lots of relaxation and lube should help you for when the time comes to actually sleep with him.

You should still ask him to take it slow and I feel that having sex with someone should be about trust and honesty as well. You should tell him, that while your eager to have some fun play, your also a little bit new to this and he needs to respect that and take it slow. Foreplay is a very good idea in any case so you need to make sure he give you some!

Hope that helps! Try not to be too nervous about it, because the more nervous you are, the more painful it will be. Once your practices and a bit more confident, things should feel better for you!

Have fun and stay safe!

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