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What do guys think of Latin American girls?
Guys, what do think of Latin American girls(young women). I personally like them & know some.
God I wish I was born Latin. I love them so much. Their always gorgeous. Super thick. Just the definition of sexy
Should I be worried about being a young pretty blonde girl studying abroad in Latin America this summer?
So, I am studying abroad in Ecuador this summer, and my friends are scaring me a bit... They say that the men in Latin America are extremely touchy and "overly-friendly" to young, pretty, blonde American girls (which is basically a description of me). I am becoming extremely worried about getting sexually harassed or worse...

I'm beginning to regret signing up for the study abroad program... Should I be this worried? or are my friends exaggerating about how much Latin American men love to follow/harrass pretty, blonde Americans like me?
Hi. I'm not blond, but I have experience as a foreigner living in Ecuador. Ecuadorians like anyone different. Guys in Ecuador like to harass ANY pretty girl. Being blond or (in my case) just not looking like the Ecuadorian girls make you stand out and makes the guys more apt to bother you.

For the most part the guys aren't brave enough to approach you. They will just make strange hissing noises at you. I thinks it's gross, it's like their calling a dog. I guess it's their version of a cat call. Other will say things to you as you walk by, like "mi reina", "mi vida", etc. Just ignore them! They really just want a reaction from you. Ignoring doesn't make them stop completely, but they get the hint that you're not interested.

And if you're in bigger cities, this doesn't happen as much. I've especially noticed in Quito that the groups of "paparazzi" are few and far between. I think guys in smaller areas just don't have anything better to do.

But don't be too worried about it. They aren't likely to hurt you or anything. Just ignore them and they'll keep their distance.
A book about 4 young girls that go to summer camp, the heavy girl would finally see her feet?
I read this in middle school. I specifically recall the chubby girl could not see her feet in the beginning but by the end she could.

I also dont think she could speak pig latin with the other girls.

All help will be appreciated.

OMG I remember this book!!! The feet part at least...and the chubby girl could sing and there was a sports car that only two could fit in and her younger sister always got to go to the movies with mom and never her older sister. I will find the title, I think it was fourth grade something...
"Nothing's Fair in the Fifth Grade" !!! is the title
Whats up with young girls/women, going after older men?
I’m a 45 yr old Latin Male. I am a very friendly person. I’m told all the time, I look Much younger. I feel like I'm 25. I am in the event promotion business. I have girls/women hitting on me. I hate to be rude, because have a good personality is who I am. Is this a new craze for young women?
because all the men OUR age, act five years younger,
if we want a guy to match in maturity, then we must find an older maN
Young girls today.?
im freaked out by how thin young girls are these days, they look like pencils. maybe its a cultural thing, but i was raised that real men like meat on their women. latin men and black men (god bless them) seem to be the only ones who like "thick" women. lucky for me. anyone else know what these pencil-types think they might look good to guys? are they guyding themselves?
to be natural thinking wat.good luck !!!
At dance classes, what’s with these young girls who are picky with people they dance with?
I’m a 24 year old guy that started going for Ballroom and Latin dance classes. I did it to help me with my confidence. Most of the women at these group classes are middle-aged, while there are a couple that are my age. The couple of young girls my age, I danced with but both had an excuse that their feet hurt. These were at two different times. The first class, one young girl couldn’t dance with me AT ALL because her feet were hurting her badly. The second class, I danced with another young girl and we danced for a while, but she had to stop because her feet were hurting. Now this is probably just an excuse. My mom thinks so because she said it’s the #1 excuse women make to get out of dancing. I even did some research and it’s true. When women can’t stand dancing with someone, they say their feet hurt so they can break away. The reason young women are like this is because they want to dance with a good leader.

Now that’s what I find strange. This is a BEGINNER’S class. So, I don’t understand why these young women can’t be cooperative and dance with a man who is also beginning. You’re not going to find many men at these dance classes, let alone one that can lead like a pro. So, what they’re expecting is a bit unusual. At least, I’m not stepping on her feet or anything. And I try to be gentle when dancing. Some men do step on feet and they’re rough when leading. And the instructor told me that I’m one of these few men that’s picking up real fast. So, I know I will dance well in no time. It just takes time. I just wish these young girls would give me a chance.

And it’s funny. When I dance with the older women (40+), they’re all perfectly ok with dancing with me. They know we’re all beginning and they appreciate my effort. Yet, the young ones…forget about it.

So, why on earth are young women so picky with whom they’re dancing with at a beginner’s group dance class?
Because they want to show off and be wild. Don't worry about it! If a girls feet hurt, move on to the next girl. Simple as that!
Well my question girls like boys with full lips... cuz i have them and idk if girls like them ...may be just latin girls like i right or no? well heres a pic of u can tell me if they are "too" bog for my face and in general if they are big

by the way im 16y old i need young girls opinion :P
Sorry but full lips on guys is a terrible look. The guys with the big red lips are not cute. Trying to be honest.
Well my question girls like boys with full lips... cuz i have them and idk if girls like them ...may be just latin girls like i right or no? well heres a pic of u can tell me if they are "too" bog for my face and in general if they are big

by the way im 16y old i need young girls opinion :P
they're big but ok for your face.... what i realli noticed was your nose... lol

Do black guys have a fetish for Latin Girls or something?
Was heading back on a train from a concert couple of nights ago late at night and there were some rowdy young black guys who started talking to me and my mate. One started chatting me up and asked me where im from....and so i was making **** up cos he was annoyin and i was tired- So i said i was from Dominican Republic[ But im acutally Indian] and he was getting really horny!! He was like your so hot, your like the girls from the music vid, and basically getting sexually aroused saying stuff like 'omg your Latino- That is so sexyy..etc..omg your Latino' ..and then he was like analysing me and my mate and saying how i got nice meat on the thighs and *** and was staring their for a good two mins creepily[i was wearing netted tights and a decent length non-slutty dress..Anyway he was horny and must have had some drink but are guys or black guys in general this explicit and stereotypical about latino girls even if im not one myself?? I found his outspoken and his mates views a bit degrading about em.. All Latino girls arent the music video type .. He was proper like black guys must hit on ya all the time.. and to top off his talk he was over speaking to his mates..sayn ' id kill her[Like in sexual terms]..' ... Me n mate were like okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Please don't let those morons speak for all of us. Guys like that give Black guys everywhere a bad rep.

I will admit, that yes, the majority of the girls I am attracted to are Latin, but my approach to talking to them wouldn't be as rash and disgusting as these creeps you encountered. I actually have respect for women. I can't stand guys like that...
Why do young girls keep giving me the EYE?
im over 50 Italian/Latin body tight hardly any body fat TAN very smooth skin thick wavy silverblack hair dark eyes and high energy.........should i take it as a compliment or think of it as a NICE UNCLE type look........usually a long eyeball following look with sneaky half smile and winkish expresion.......What should i make of it.....and by YOUNG i mean 18-25
I had that problem once.
All morning people kept looking and smiling at me.

It was only at lunch time when I took the bannana that was my lunch out of my pocket did I think about what it had looked like.

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